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The Great Western Steam Up!

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Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the completion of the Virginia & Truckee RR, this “Great Western Steam Up” was a gala event with more vintage engines under steam than has been seen in the Western US for many years.
This program looks closely at the equipment, delves into the history, and tells the human story of putting on such a huge event. With stunning images and compelling interviews every member of the family will enjoy experiencing these living artifacts.

Special Features:

  • Extended interviews with crews
  • Even MORE footage of engines in motion
  • Firing up the “Inyo”
  • Special Presentation by Ed Dickens

Run Time
Main Program : 97 min
Total Special Features: 159 min

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This option is for the physical disk ONLY. The streaming option of this program is not included with the Blu-Ray disk.

$24.99 $16.74 +s/h

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