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Welcome to Railroad Showcase!

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Standard gauge! Narrow gauge! Wood burners! Oil burners! Movie star engines! And a geared engine for good measure!

This record-setting event was the largest gathering of working steam engines seen in years! The theme was the 150th anniversary of the Virginia & Truckee RR, and it was the first reunion of some original equipment seen in a lifetime.

Hear the crew members talk about running and maintaining this equipment. Learn from curators as they speak about the restorations. Enjoy behind-the-scenes, off-limits access. Dive deep into the history of the early west, and how the railroads shaped its fortunes. All in this hour-and-a-half documentary. Then soak in over two-and-a-half more hours of special features!

You saw the pictures. Social media showed you the run-bys. Now it’s time to get in the cab! Now it’s time to talk to the crews. Learn about the restorations. And see the history of the old west come to life. The Great Western Steam Up was the biggest railroading event in years! Join us in this full length documentary and you’ll experience this historic event from over, under, and through! Available on Blu-ray and streaming.

Railroad Showcase is produced by Robinson Enterprises.
This show is created and produced by the father-and-son team of Greg and Graham Robinson.