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The Great Western Steam Up Disc Cover

The Great Western Steam Up! - Blu-Ray Disc

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the completion of the Virginia & Truckee RR, this “Great Western Steam Up” was a gala event with more vintage engines under steam than has been seen in the Western US for many years.
This program looks closely at the equipment, delves into the history, and tells the human story of putting on such a huge event. With stunning images and compelling interviews every member of the family will enjoy experiencing these living artifacts.

Includes 2½+ hours of Special Features!

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NOTE: This the Disc version, and does not include access to the online streaming version.

$24.99 $16.74 +s/h

The Great Western Steam Up Streaming Cover

The Great Western Steam Up! - Streaming

The same content as the Disc version of The Great Western Steam Up, just digital!

NOTE: This the Online Streaming version, and does not include the Blu-Ray Disc copy.


The Favorite

The Favorite - DVD

The Retlaw Combine No. 101, which originall ran a Disneyland, was fully restored, put on the rails AND reunited with the four original coaches Nos. 102 through 105 . . . all in one glorious weekend.

Join us at the narrow gauge Pacific Coast Railroad for this historical event. Of all the rolling stock at the park, the Combine was said to be Walt’s favorite because it was reminiscent of the combines and baggage cars where he would take his breaks as a news butcher on various railroads around Kansas City. This special Carolwood event was a fundraiser for the Combine and its yet-to-be-built Car Barn.


steam on the Mountain cover

Steam on the Mountain - DVD

See a 1914 Baldwin Mikado working the same grades in the shadow of the same mountain it saw over ninety years ago. Ride in the cab with the engineer and the fireman as they reign in the power of a loud, bucking "iron horse".